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Necker’s Final Address

France has burned and risen from the ashes. Going from one tyrannical leader to another has thrown France into political turmoil, but it is over at last. France has been the superpower of the world, but the British have pulled… Continue Reading →

The death of a king

Seeing Louis’ head roll was a morbid reminder that I made the right choice to leave politics. The public’s anger at the nobles bubbled up faster and more violently than I thought possible, and Robespierre channelled that into the razor… Continue Reading →

Clay Bowls

I recently was able to achieve one of my main goals for this project: firing clay. Sort of. I finally found clay, while I was walking by the Coquitlam River trail. I was too lazy to purify it so it… Continue Reading →

Jacques Necker in da house

I, Jacques Necker, am the finance minister of France. Unfortunately, France’s finances are in dire shape, but I have a plan to fix that. I know it looks bad, with peasants unable to buy bread and France over five hundred… Continue Reading →


The first meme is essentially wordplay. Yay bad pun dog. The second meme represents one of the main reasons why lots of people remain ignorant about current events. I have an irrational fear of being facepalmed for asking stupid questions…. Continue Reading →

2 cobblestone and two sticks….

I can’t believe that Indepth is next month. I know I’m really far away from my goals, but I’m glad I stopped worrying about mentor based stuff and grades, and just focused on remembering why I chose survival skills. I’ve… Continue Reading →

What is Racism?

For my document of learning, I wanted to talk about police shootings and minorities. Nazlie mentioned the Peter Liang case on class and Frank posted on the forum about it. Police brutality has become a huge problem in the U.S.,… Continue Reading →

Basket Making

Tools So far my efforts have been going towards making rope, but I realized that once they dry out, they crack The fern rope I made looked really nice and was decently strong, but once it dried, it lost its pliability. I have… Continue Reading →

Survival Skills Part 3

  TOOLS I have finally made my Himalayan Blackberry rope with Dakota. It is pretty strong, but it is kind of a pain to de-thorn. I tried some different styles of twisting, but braiding is the only way that seems to… Continue Reading →

The post which must not be named AKA document of learning numero uno

Where I was I ended socials ten on a really nice note with a rap battle against James. I never documented it because I didn’t know we were supposed to blog… Knowing nothing about Canadian History or government, I learned… Continue Reading →

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